Live In Harmony
Dotty, kucing jalanan yg diadopsi dan Chester, anjing yg ditinggalkan pemiliknya karena terkena Distemper walau dia survive tapi tetap dicampakkan, hidup damai dan saling mengasihi di rumah ini. sebuah potret betapa manusia melupakan harmony …


This is my dark corner to view the world, of course, based on my own eyes and thought.

You may find it is way to sarcastic or foolish on my writings, so please dont read on.

This world is, beautiful, yet cruel.

Some of them are caught in my pics, on my writings, and my thoughts.

Balance, is what we need to get it back on its place.

We belong to nature, thus we need to speak for the unspoken.

This is where, I decided to move and react, shout it loud.

Nature Calls. Man Shall Respon.