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Juli 2012

Prodigal Daughter

Laid down in guitar room.
I took her in.
Closed the door.
I laid, closed my eyes, stopping tears falling down.
She came nearer, licked my eyes, then licked my lips.
Chester repeated several times.
I hug her tightly, kissed her.
For being my spirit.
For being my only spirit.
Daddy loves ya….


Inner Flame

I lost my fire.


Assuring You, my precious daughter…

Still clinging
To my mind..
A hard decision.
To walk on.
To never look back.
To let go.
To be hard as steel
torn, yes i am.
To let go.
Big resistance from within, it is.
And you, my previous daughter, Chester..
Gimme more pressure
By saying you disagree with me
By silence
By doing these things to me
To be not the usual you.
Speak to me, my kid.
What am I suppossed to do?
What do u want me to do instead?
I am tired.
This old man is running out of time…
Just stay with me, here, my Chester.
The rest will be okay.
All will be okay.
For you.
Only you.
Letting go.
We’ll be together. Ever after.

Me and kiddos

While I stare the stars in this beautiful sky above..
Aku ngerasa….
Aku hidup, tuk ngerawat, memelihara mereka yg mgkn butuh pertolongan. Mereka yg papa. Mereka yg butuh dekapan.
Aku, ada, untuk mereka.
Aku, hidup, untuk mereka.
Aku, mencari nafkah, untuk mereka.
I watch them grows.
I watch them turns bigger.
It is how universe bless u everyday, to watch these kids grow. Amazing. Priceless.
Diluar, mereka mgkn dianggap sampah. dimataku, sejauh mata ini bisa melempar pandang dan meraup apa yg bisa didapat oleh indera ini, mereka ada bagian hidup. Yg harus diperhatikan lebih. Hak hidup layaknya dirampas. Bisa apa mereka? Melawan? Protes? Bahkan untuk berjalan pun susah.
So here I am.
I give my life for these amazing kids. These stray beings.
It is not fair world u live ini, but for sure, i am here for you. Lets make it better, kids. I will make it better for you.
My life is for you, kiddos.
You have me. Always.
Kalian, membuatku menjadi satu individu yg utuh. Yg bisa merasakan cinta yg kalian pendarkan saat kalian ada disekelilingku. Tiada yg bisa, melakukan hal serupa.
I love u all.

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