Every animal has a chance – please help us to build the green no-kill
shelter to provide a loving and safe home for stray dogs and cats as
long as they live or until they find permanent loving home.

Animal Defenders Indonesia is a social organization focusing on
rescuing and rehabilitating stray dogs and cats. This organization has
been established 3 years ago by Doni Herdaru Tona as a respond to many
animal abuse cases that happen every day in Indonesia. Doni used to
help stray dogs and cats since he was still a child. Finally, in year
2010 he realized that to achieve bigger goal and help more animals
there is a need of better coordination and communication between
animal lovers in Indonesia, thus Animal Defenders Indonesia has been
Since the beginning Animal Defenders Indonesia has helped hundreds of
dogs and cats, mostly in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, where Doni
lives. Now the organization consists of 12 permanent members and many
volunteers. With the help of social networks and internet the
organization is growing fast and many people are willing to volunteer
and help during rescue, our network is expanding.

All animals rescued by Animal Defenders Indonesia are treated by
dedicated vets and rehabilitated in Doni’s house in West Jakarta,
before they find permanent loving home. Today there are more than 50
dogs and cats living with Doni. Animal Defenders is a non-profit
organization funded completely by its members, volunteers and animal
lovers in Indonesia. All expenses such as vets and food are covered by
Doni and his friends.

With more and more cases every day Animal Defenders is in desperate
need of bigger shelter, where those poor abused animals can find care
and love. We have already found the right place, but only with your
donation our biggest dream will come true. Please donate today! Please
help us to help animals!

We need to raise $5,500 to cover the expenses for renovation of the
main building, which will serve as main office and clinic, building
doggy, kitty and puppy pens, as well as special equipment like
incubators for small kittens.

We expect that in our new green shelter about 150-200 abused or
abandoned animals will find safe home. Animal Defenders Indonesia is
willing not only to help stray dogs and cats, but also improve living
standards of the community around our shelter. During the construction
process we will work together with local workers and after the
construction is finished we want to provide animal welfare education
for the children. We believe that with these activities we can build
better future for everyone!

These are Animal Defenders Indonesia main activities in our future
green no-kill shelter:
-rescue (help abused and abandoned dogs and cats)
-rehabilitate (physically at the vet clinic and mentally in the shelter)
-adopt (looking for qualified adopters, who can make lifelong commitment)
Every new animal in the shelter will receive appropriate vaccinations
before joining other dogs and cats. All animals will be spayed or
neutered before being adopted as we promote responsible pet ownership.

The green shelter will only adopt pets to responsible, loving,
permanent homes. All potential adopting families will be required to
fill out a questionnaire and be interviewed by our staff. We will also
visit homes of potential adopters to confirm a safe living
We believe that together we can spread our love around the world.
Let’s fight for better animal welfare!

If you can’t donate today, but want to help us anyway, you can get the
word out and make some noise about our campaign. Please use the
Indiegogo share tool and ask your family and friends to make a
donation. Thank you
If you visit Jakarta one day, you are also more than welcome to visit
our green shelter.